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Thread: 375 H&H rifle

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    375 H&H rifle

    Hi All

    I am wanting to purchase a 375H&H please PM me what you got.

    Kind regards


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    Tony, I am selling a mint Winchester Model 70 safari rifle in .375 H&H. I had the rifle bedded by Norman Clark and had him smooth the feed and lighten the trigger. The rifle has Warne steel bases and leupold QRW rings. I have taken it off my licence which is in for a variation and the rifle is now at Greenfileds in Salisbury. Here is the link Winchester .375 H995.. Thanks

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    Ladds in Devon had one on there Webb site

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    We have two in our shop 1 Winchester and a Browning X bolt the gun shop rugby 01788 575198.

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    If you want it for Africa, might I suggest you go for CRF.


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    There was a nice looking CZ in EJ Churchills today.

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    Westly Richards have a lovely Dakota for 3000 with Zeiss scope.

    My friend in London has a .375 BRNO as new with synthetic stock for around 650

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