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    Burris four x

    What's folks thoughts on the Burris four X 3-12-56 ir I saw it for about 500 I was thinking of a zeiss duralyt but this looks good and better warranty

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    Barry I cannot comment on that particular scope but I have had a burris fulfield 11 on a 270 for over 5 years and has been very good,atb wayne
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    Having looked through both..... I would take the burris over the zeiss duralyt. I'm a massive fan of the number 4 reticle with the dot which the burris has.... and burris optics are excellent for the money.

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    I have three Burris FFII 3-9x40mm Ballistic Plex, and older glossy 3-9x40 duplex, and two or three 2-7x35mm FFII with BP. The reticles are very sharp and fine enough to make long shots. If buying a newer one, I would look at the E1 reticle, which is etched, with wind hold offs as well as drops, and useful for ranging. If you don't get this scope, you might want to look at the FFII 4.5-14x42 AO, which is a lot of scope for the money and not super large or heavy.

    The FOUR X is a line now being replaced in the USA, called the Signature, and this is the Euro Diamond, with 30mm tube. It is very sharp and bright. A friend of mine has had one for over a decade on his 7mm RM. Beretta owns Burris now, so you may buy it on a close out from Beretta in Europe. Right now, in the USA, those in inventory, like at Optics Planet, are going for $299.00, which is a steal. This was a $900 scope years ago. Specs here:

    PS: If you look at the saddle, where the turrets are, you will see a little knob at 45 degrees. That is for the Posi-Lock feature. Once you have it zeroed, you can hand tighten this to brace the erector tube, which uses a different spring support from most scopes. This feature supports the adjusting mechanism under recoil. Burris and Swift have it on some higher end scopes. My friend has used his scope on a .338 Lapua.

    Another thing to be aware of is that many Burris scopes turn the entire ocular piece to change power, so any lense caps will turn with it. The newer E1 does not. I have a 1.5-6x42 #4A and the eye relief is very good, and forgiving of head position. The field of view is so wide and sharp, edge to edge, that the sight picture is very 3D, especially with both eyes open. The HiLume coatings on these scopes really block the blooming of shooting toward a rising or setting sun. I think the light transmission is 95%.
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    Hi Barry

    I have a Burris four x 3-12x56 with IR. I've had it for near three years I think and I can't fault it. I have mine on my 25-06 and I would highly recommend the scope.

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    Hi Barry, got that exact scope on a 30.06 Tikka Continental. It is a great bit of kit for the money and more, I own several Burris scopes and have always felt they punched above their weight value wise.

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    Thanks guys a Burris it is thanks for advice

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