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Thread: first one

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    first one

    I shot this stag on saturday.

    My first red, stalked in heavy woodland. heart shot at 120 yards with 7mm08.

    the size of the animal was staggering (especially after my stalking being predominantly roe!) the pictures don't give a good impression of the body size.


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    Well done steve. Have never shot one personally so am very much looking forward to my first one. Your right, if you are used to shooting Roe they do look big.

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    Well done Steve, big ain't they, pictures never do them justice, I am always amazed that the true size and power of the beast never seems to make it onto a picture.


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    well done. I can't see the picture due to the firewall at work but if its anything like the one lowland stag I've seen it will be huge. Guess you'll need a bigger chiller.

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    Well done Swampy mate! Good stag and we know what you look like now! That smile of yours says it all! 8)

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    nice one swampy
    any pics of how you dragged this bugger out gammy foot or not it will taste good all the same
    nice one

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    Well done Steve!
    I'd like one of those please!

    Kindest Regards,


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    Nice one mate, that will keep you in venison for a while and half the local constabulary

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