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  • Pac-Nor

    20 22.22%
  • Border

    39 43.33%
  • Shilen

    13 14.44%
  • Lilja

    9 10.00%
  • Hart

    2 2.22%
  • Krieger

    19 21.11%
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Thread: Poll. 1 Pac-Nor, 2 Border, 3 Shilen, 4 Lilja, 5 Hart, 6 Krieger.

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    Question Poll. 1 Pac-Nor, 2 Border, 3 Shilen, 4 Lilja, 5 Hart, 6 Krieger.

    Custom barrel makers: I am considering re barreling a Tikka M595 .223 Rem, whose barrel would you buy & fit? twist would have to be capable of stabilising the heavier end of bullet range say 70 grain & up.
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    I had a Border (not Archer) barrel put on my Tikka M55 - very pleased with it.


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    I Like the border barrels very much, my Dad had one put on his .223 and it shoots like a dream.

    Would be my choice, as for bullet weights I have no idea, sorry.

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    I have an 18" Border on my M695 .270.

    I love it!
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    You missed out a top make: Lothar Walther. Made in Germany, highly regarded in F-class rifle circles.
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    I have a Border cut barell in 6mmBR, very accurate....

    You be looking at a 1/8 twist for them heavier bullets in .223


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    For the money Pacnor a very good, now if you went with a Border Archer then they are good value but IMO the others are expensive when you could get other top brands or similar for less money. So for the purpose or the poll I would say Pacnor.

    Twist rate...1-9, 1-8 or 1-8.5 perhaps...

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    I'm happy with Lothar Walther. Easy to get and apparently a tougher steel.
    I'd be tempted to try out a Trueflight barrel.


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    I don't reckon there's not much separating the custom barrels. I voted for Border because they're British Much less hassle getting hold of one, what with the crap exchange rate and export restrictions. I've got an Archer that I'm very pleased with...

    Be warned about Lothar Walther, I know some guys who had problems stabilising the heavier bullets in their AR15s that had Lothar Walther barrels, that said, they are otherwise excellent barrels, I've owned a couple of rifles with them on and they are supposed to be tougher...

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    I would go with the cut rifled barrels in prefernce to button rifled, particularly if the tube is to be fluted as the bore is more likely to be the proper size and the dimensions unaffected by the fluting process. Therefore Krieger and Border (not Archer). Bartlein another top top choice and I belive Brux are as good.
    I have a Border in .308 and a Bartlein in 6.5


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