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Thread: Tired eyes..losing focus

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    Tired eyes..losing focus

    Hi All

    I know this means i need to get my eyes tested but I was at the range yesterday zeroing my new scope. Once the rifle had been zeroed we checked zero at different mags etc. Once I was happy with that the turrets were set and a final check, this is where my eye looking through the scope started to loose focus, I had to adjust the scope to get focus back and it was constantly going in and out of focus... my group started to horizontal string.... I have had this focussing issue on the range last year on a different scope. My eye yesterday evening was aching and is still aching this morning...

    Basically are my eyes going or is there something about the scope set up that is causing this?


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    Get to the doctors mate. My shooting buddy had similar and it turned out to be type 2 diabetes. Changed his diet and he was fine again.

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    I have a similar problem since becoming diabetic.

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    You'll have to get rid of the Big Green Egg and start eating salads!

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    yeh get to the opticians m8 asap ,im type 2 diabetic and every year my eyes are photographed and tested as the blood vessels can burst in your eyes and cause ulcers and other issues .The eyes also can show other health problems,if this has been going on for a while dont hesitate get em checked .Youve only got 1 set and there,s no spares on the shelf ,atb
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    Have you thought that it may not be your eyes at fault but that it could be heat mirage coming off the barrel.
    You don't have to shoot a lot of rounds when zeroing before mirage can become a problem. I only shot four rounds at the range on Sunday before mirage was disturbing my sight picture, blowing away the rising warm air currents by gently blowing down the side of the rifle can give momentary relief. Some guys use mirage bands and some even use small battery operated fans when zeroing.
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    best bet go to ur docks

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    Get to your optition as soon as possible you've only got one pair of eyes.

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    Will be off to get the eyes checked next week......

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    Please let us know how you got off . Good luck

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