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Thread: My first CF - opinions please

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    My first CF - opinions please

    I've just been given a variation for my first foxing rifle and have decided on a 22-250 over a 223 and have seen 2 rifles that I quite like so I'd be interested in some opinions and advise on them both.

    First: Ruger .22-250 M77 MkII - Stainless heavy barrel - Laminate stock - threaded - barrelling very good - cosmetically good condition but no idea of age or round count

    Second: Howa .22-250 1500 Black synthetic stock blued sporter weight barrel- threaded - trigger guard & mag conversion - weaver rail - 2 years old but no idea of round count - very good condition

    Nothing to elaborate needed just the good and bad points of each really.


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    ive got a howa in 223 and a howa in 22.250.both cracking rifles.dont know about the ruger..I would be a bit careful about not knowing the round count..get the barrel bore scoped if you can..if not just buy a new one..i use a heavy barrel in 22.250 as this enables me to keep on target and see the strike.ive used a sporter barrel in 22250 and you tend to lose sight picture on firing...cracking round whichever rifle you choose

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    which one fits you the best and is comfortable?

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    Have you looked at the new browning Abolt 3 ??

    I looked at the howa and ruger for my newer purchase (308) when i was buying last year, ( i only ever buy budget rifles as to me they are tools)

    the Abolt 3 comes with a spare detachable magazine its screw cut and is synthetic you can pick a new one up with 3 year guarantee for about 500,

    I have had the A bolts in 223, 243 and 308 and they all shot cheap PPU ammo into an inch at 100yds,

    worth a look mate


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    Either could make a great foxing rifle, it's just down to condition, especially the barrel, and fit. You can't tell by looking down a barrel what the condition is, don't fall into that trap. It needs to be bore-scoped to ensure there's no serious pitting, not obvious to the naked eye. I bought a 223 which looked ok but in fact when checked later was found to have major pits in the rifling and ended up spending more than the rifle was bought for re-barrelling it. Expensive mistake to make (700).

    I have the Ruger 22/77 and it's quite a well made rifle and shoots very well. The action may be slightly different to account for the longer throw and pressures of the CF. I have heard of some quality control concerns over late model M77s, related to the bolt/firing pin but on the whole, they're a durable rifle and have sold in huge numbers over the years.

    The Howa's are basic but shoot well. They benefit from the Remmy 700 parts bin for improved trigger assemblies/stocks etc if later you want to improve them and they make for a popular second hand buy (so easy to sell on). Just don't pay over the odds.

    Bottom line is that the 22-250 is quite a hot round, and barrel wear would be my primary concern on a used 22-250, so if buying used, a rifle scope examination is essential, that or the ability to try it on the range and put a box of ammo through it to check that it holds groups (pitted or damaged rifling will be prone to building up fouling and group sizes may rapidly diverge from a clean barrel to a fouled one so it wont hold a group).

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    When looking at getting my first CF rifle, I was seduced by the 'figures' and chose a .270, that I hardly ever used once I got a .308. Now stuck with a .270 that I might have to sell cheaply in order to get another .308. My choice for foxing was/is a .223, and I want another one for daylight work, having put a Digisight on the first one.

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    Quite frankly I wouldn't buy either, I'd buy a good second hand Sako or Tikka, they will always re-sell if you don't get on with them. Some good examples on Guntrader after a 30 second search:

    Or this one on sale here in the classifieds:

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Thanks for all the replies lads........keep 'em coming as they all help

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    tikka ,they just shoot

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    While both should be reasonable rifles if in good condition because of the calibre (.22-250) which has a bit of a reputation as a barrel burner you really need to know the condition of the barrel and in particular the throat.
    You need to know just how many rounds has been shot through each rifle and how those rounds were shot e.g. was the rifle used to shoot long strings in quick succession on the range. In .22-250 personally I would be looking to a new rifle or one that I was certain of regarding shooting history.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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