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Thread: elephants in reception

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    elephants in reception

    Ignore the somewhat over-the-top and dewy eyed commentary and enjoy the really quite startling footage:

    The elephants that came to dinner - High Tea with Elephants

    I have to say that we lived in the area in the 80s and early 90s, and visited this very lodge quite often, and this certainly wasn't happening then, so I think they've been a bit imaginative with the whole 'ancient migration route' angle. My guess is that the elephants figured out the mangos were there, and worked out how to get to them...

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    Wonderful! But they obviously don't know that a pair of wellies by the back stops elephants coming into the house!

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    "Wonderful", "Spectacular", yes, I'd agree but also very dangerous. These are wild animals and could smash up that place and the people in it, very quickly and comprehensively, if things went wrong.

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    I welcome being corrected by people who know about these things but this will surely end badly one day? Too much Walt Disney being watched.

    That being said it is a sight to behold.


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