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Thread: Making a DIY Shooting Bench

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    Making a DIY Shooting Bench

    I've been looking into making a shooting bench. I want something that is light and portable but sturdy. There are a few different benches that people have made on YouTube, some have fold out metal legs and others are plywood that slots together to make a bench top and seat and is put together a bit like a jigsaw.

    The video I watched was Build Your Own DIY Portable Shooting Bench.

    Has anyone had a go at making anything similar?

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    Have a look at this thread!

    For Sale: Portable Flat Pack Shooting Bench

    Not a plug...the plans are open source but it is very sturdy and adaptable as I'm sure many of the posters on here who have them will vouch!

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    Google workmate shooting bench and you will find various versions mounted on a Black and Decker workmate.

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    I have one that is referred to by DorsetTaff and they are very good, ambidextrous, and assembled in about a minute. I see them at Bisley every time I go.
    If you want to play about with DIY stuff, Lidl have some cheap workmate-type folders at the moment, but you will need a couple of them.

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    Thanks for the replies, Dorsettaff that's just what I was looking for.

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    I used folding canteen table legs with one end "cut & shut" to make the rear legs narrower than the front ones. I screwed them onto battens fixed & glued under 19mm WBP plywood cut out at one side. - All corners sanded smooth & a lick of varnish to seal the wood.
    The top surface can have a soft mat added to reduce bipod bounce - I use rubber sheet.
    This is a solid layout that is light enough to lugg onto the firing point. It fits across the rear foot well of the truck nicely.


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