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Thread: Mounting Elk antlers with no skull plate

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    Mounting Elk antlers with no skull plate

    Hey Everyone,

    I have some elk antlers that I'm looking to get mounted, but they are not on the skull plate. Is there anyone someone can recommend who may be able to mount them for me, preferably not too far from London?

    Thank you!

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    thank willie, that does look like a good option. I'm nervous that it might make the whole thing look fake and cheap if you can see it's an artificial skull. Hard to tell how realistic it will be when its wrapped in that plastic in the pic!

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    I've seen antlers mounted either side of a nice piece of wood.

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    not sure if you ever got it done or not, but its easy to do yourself onto some wood and wrap that with a good leather, or use artificial skull, once on the wall its hard to tell difference

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    My mate from Sweden collects all species and took these Sambar antlers home from here. I cut them off at the pedicle with my angle grinder for him and he surprised me with the result.
    He mounted them on a Red Deer skull once at home in Sweden,even though it is not the same sized skull it is better than a fake one imo.

    You could probably do much the same with an old red deer skull also.

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