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Thread: Sound Moderator

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    Sound Moderator

    I am about to change from my T8 mod to something a bit lighter, was thinking about a Wildcat Evolution, DPT or Hardy, any thoughts about them?. Heard some stories about accuracy with mods that can be taken apart for cleaning other than non strippable ones, again any thoughts.

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    I use DPT and cannot fault them.

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    I have a DPT on the .308 and a Hardy Gen IV on the 6.5x55. Both good mods. I'd need to swap them to give an opinion on what my Mk1 ears prefer per rifle, but the Hardy is calibre specific, so that's not going on a .30cal!
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    I have Hardy's on all mine. Love them. Light, small and do a reasonable job of moderating the sound.
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    +1 for DPT excellent mods

    ATB Lee

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    Have a DPT on my 6.5 and find it very effective, just as if not more so than the .30cal jet-z I had on plus a lot lighter!

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    I've just put a Hardy V on my 22/250. I think they should re-name them to Hardly. It's a lovely light moderator, great for the balance of the rifle, but there are far quieter moderators out there.

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    I have a Hardy Gen IV on my .17 Hornet. I was gobsmacked just how much it reduced the crack. It is maintenance-free as well.

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    I have a hardy gen v stealth on my 243 it certainly works a treat my only grip with it is it's length as when fitted on rifle it's a gnats cock longer than my slip

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    Got a wildcat on my .22-250 and it's awesome vert light and reduces pop as well as my T8

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