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Thread: George Digweed Attacked at home

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    George Digweed Attacked at home

    It has been announced that George Digweed and his wife has been attacked at his home and trophy's, medals and a couple of guns were stolen in the raid.

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    Sad that George and his wife have had to suffer this - with enough silverware to support the royal mint, someone must have imagined they could trade it all in or at least be a lot better with a Perazzi.
    Joking aside, not what I would like to have gone through.
    I hope life returns to normal asap for them and the perpetrators are forced to load traps for him for ever or until he misses, which may be the same thing ?

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    hopefully the perpetrators will get court and as they have stolen firearms with violence will find themselves behind bars for a very long time not just community service
    it is a gun crime after all so min sentence must apply !
    hopefully george and kate recover from this trormer quickly as this sort of attack can have a long lasting effects

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    so 4 masked thugs smash through doors and proceed to beat the owners and ransack the house
    Please tell us why they deserved this ?
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    Bad times hope he recovers fully

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    Awful scenario. His name/status are irrelevant here, although of course the culprits probably knew about his considerable haul of silverware and other valuables. Bad enough to return home and find you've been burgled in your absence, but to be targeted and attacked in your home...
    Let's hope some of this stuff proves too hot to handle and they're caught.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandit View Post
    so 4 masked thugs smash through doors and proceed to beat the owners and ransack the house
    Please tell us why they deserved this ?
    Thank you for this post Bandit. (and JAYB)

    Don't know the fellow from Adam but this family and their friends will live with this for the rest of their lives.
    I hope those that done it get just retribution.
    I doubt we who have not experience this sort of crime, can ever truly understand the psychological consequences on normal people.....

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    Worth noting the offending post referred to by Bandit has obviously been removed, since it immediately followed the OP.

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    interesting that the Uks most successful Sportsman of all time gets done over and nothing on the news

    wonder if Sir Paul Redgrave would have been ignored by the BBC if some one had beat him up and nicked a couple of his 5 Olympic Gold medals

    unfortunately it is a double edged sword as it can be pointed out that this is why guns should not be in private homes

    also not sure heat security you can come up with to stop 4 armed men who are willing to smash thro plate glass knowing the house is occupied and also willing to go straight to violence to subdue

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    Just watched the clip on this, I don't think any of us would have relished that experience. Hope the investigation is successfull.


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