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Thread: White Sika

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    White Sika

    Hi All,

    Last night myself and my son accepted an invitation from Terry (aka Pheasant Sniper 1) to accompany him to see if we could try and find a white Sika. Well I didnt think we would find any however I needn't have worried as terry had done his homework, and in the end we found 12 white ( or piebald) sika. Here are some of the pictures I took......

    Attachment 1159
    Attachment 1161
    Attachment 1162
    Attachment 1163
    Attachment 1164

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    Excellent pictures. For me, I'd be happy to find 12 manky old brown roe

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    Come on The Mole.. Where are ya..

    Great night Andy, your young lads got an eye for the deer

    We had him count as we wandered the estate and it was no disapointing evening with over 110 Sika seen.

    Aint seen that big white stag for a while now Mole..

    Thanks Andy

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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