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Thread: HELP - Sauer 202 Magazine Parts

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    HELP - Sauer 202 Magazine Parts

    The plastic floorplate on my Sauer 202 magazine disintegrated yesterday and I need to replace it.

    The cost of the floorplate part is 12 from Garlands but they are quoting several months for delivery. I really don't want to shell out 74 on a new mag when all I need is a simple piece of plastic costing 12.

    Is there anywhere else who might stock Sauer parts? It's a medium magazine for a 6.5x55.

    Grateful for any assistance please chaps.....

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    All sorted, Garlands got the part sorted for me........ result.

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    Glad you got sorted - you were too fast for me!

    It is highly likely we will be taking along a range of Sauer products to Kelso in April. Aside from the obvious ie rifles, I had already flagged to Garlands that we'd like to have along the 'niggly bits' - mags, tiny spares, bases, screws etc that can be irritatingly hard to get hold of. You are sorted, but if anyone has any suggestions or specifics they'd like on the list I will see what can be done. Hate to say it - but no promises!
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