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Thread: Border Stalkers Rifle Shoot Dates

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    Border Stalkers Rifle Shoot Dates

    Greetings All.

    Here are the dates for this years Border Stalkers Rifle Shoots.

    17th April
    19th June
    21st August
    Or if you wish to remember them another way, the third Sunday in April, June and August......

    Course as always is, Buck Target + Zero, Two Shot Pool Comp' and a Zero Card for those souls with cheap scopes and wonky barrels, held together with string.....

    The event's are again held at the Penrith Shooting Ground at Bowscar.

    Hoping to see all as usual.



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    Hello Dave hope you are well? I'm home for the first two so shall get a few of us south cumbrians up with our bang sticks to have a play
    Cheers Daz

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    Now then Daz, sounds like a plan to me chap.

    The old crystal testical has no idea what the weather will bring, but, fun should still be had.

    All the Pest.


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    As predicted, fun was had by all (well' all except PG and Mally, you must try harder boys)

    So this is how it all ended up.

    The Northwest Shield and Mike Newby Decanter
    1. G Cattanach 90/29-119
    2. M Bell 88/30-118
    3. A Waite 89/29-118
    4. S Heaps 88/29 118
    5. A Corney 89/28-117

    For the Pool Shoot

    1. J Barnes 10/10-20
    2. S Heaps 10/9-19
    3. K Story 10/9-19
    4. M Bell 10/9-19
    5. J Wolfe 10/9-19
    6. R Barnes 10/9-19
    7. B Ridley 10/9-19
    8. A Waite 10/9-19

    We are considering presenting a prize for the Pool Shoot at the final event of the year, based on accumulated points over the three shoots. This may descend into a Pillow Fight for bragging rights.....

    The Free Prize Raffle for a bottle of Whisky, was won by M Bell (kindly donated by R Gillespie)

    I would like to thank the Ratwife and Bear for their assistance in running the event, and all those who very kindly donated prizes.

    The next shoot is on Sunday the 19th of June.



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    Retirement is obviously suiting Gregor!

    Sorry to miss it, next time I hope.


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    First one ive attended really enjoyed the day very relaxed and a good craic will be coming again for sure

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    Excellent day see you at the next one

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    I'm glad you enjoyed it gentlemen....

    Hmm... Gregor... Cantankerous to the last, bless him.

    We were delighted when Hubert wandered into view, and once more stirred everyone up.

    All the best.


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    Please note:

    The shoot on the 19th June has had to be cancelled, due to the need to hold a County Championships for the CPSA on that date.

    A replacement date should be announced shortly.



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    Hello having only zeroed rifles,what does the shoot consist. of ie.type of target and distance .many thanks Chris

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