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Thread: DSC2. A Question, and an honest answer required.

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    DSC2. A Question, and an honest answer required.

    Hi, I'm after your honest opinions to a question REGARDLESS of what you think to the DSC.
    The DSC2 system is all change now (post june 1st).
    The "credible witness's" will be phased out with the old portpholios over the next 3 years.
    So then the system will be ALL "Approved witness" stalks.
    So WHO do you think in your eyes should form the basis of the system.
    WHAT should qualify them for this job??
    In therory a newly passed DSC2 candidate could pass through the filters and become an A.W. having only shot deer on their 3 successful stalks. They would need an understanding of the portpholio but that would be given at the briefing.
    ((Though its certinally not this simple in practice it could possibly be achieved)).
    This is an open question to all on this forum, weather stalkers or otherwise...the more views the better

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    that's hard to answer as depends what level of experience the candidate has when he took his level two,
    remember some of the old sweats, sorry chaps no offence meant and have been doing this 10+ years and never needed to have 1/2 qualifications.
    once they now get it they fall in this category of new Level two pass candidates. this by nature under sells there experience.
    i agree to assess any one you must have experience and qualifications but its got to be a mixture of the two.

    i have not read the paper yet on this but does the Aw need to do any form of other assessment before taking out a candidate
    although not the answer would a couple of years from doing the level 2 to been appointed an Aw.
    but mind if that is the case why not leave it as it is.....

    good luck understanding it all

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    Maybe i'm not clear but as you say it takes some understanding.
    What if any, background, field experience do you think they should have other than just a dsc2.

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    I agree, i don't think its just as simple as field experience thats required mate.
    but what is required is not been laid out yet..
    does, in your opinion, the level two qualify any man/women to assess another stalker.

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    sorry wrong terminology

    does, in your opinion, the level two qualify any man/women to witness for another stalker.

    if the answers no then you need another qualification.

    i would have to ask why remove that link out of the equation

    does the current system have a flaw

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    I feel it does, but should be backed up by experience in the field.
    I know where you are coming from but the system is changing and C.W's are been phased out.
    Most did a good job.
    You maybe right A.W.'s maybe should have another test?
    Say you've shot 1000's of deer as your job and some one who is newly qualified (3deer) is witnessing you. There is no wonder people get a little rattled.
    3-300-3000 where do you draw the line?

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    Any new 'approved witness', i.e. one who has not converted from the previous 'Accredited Witness' list, has to have two referees to nominate him (or her!) before they can attend one of the AW briefings. This should ensure that each potential AW has the required level of experience and competance to fulfill the role.
    So who can be a referee then!?

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    The form says

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    Actually, it tells you what Qualities an AW should have here:
    Hope this explains that they must have a few more animals than 3 under their belt!


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