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    Hi all just wondering if any of you have or know anybody with a pestforce franchise and if so what info you can give on the same, thanks in advance.

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    Don't know about pestforce other than they've been around for a while and also I think do a couple of other franchise now.
    Try asking if the area your buying has been worked before or if it's virgin ground and if worked before try to speak to the old operative for some feedback
    I would like to give some advice regarding pest control as a profession in that most will find its a long way from the job they think it is.
    I did it professionally when I came back from working in NZ to find the building trade still on its arse and was told in the interview how glad they were to have someone with fac and wildlife management skills...... 18months later I was fed up of checking bait points day in and day out and people who wouldn't commit to your recommendations to help with there problem
    Hope this helps in some way
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    Have to agree with Jimmy its nothing like it was,all laptops,pdas and trackers on vans,I have at least 6 bosses and I have only met one yet.
    Franchise people tell me some do really well and love it,some wished they had never under took such a path.

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    Thanks Tod, keep info coming please gents and ladies of course

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    Why not start up on your own?

    No bosses, no trackers but a hell of a lot of time initially at a computer sorting and writing a website, google adwords account etc. Then a lot more time at a computer when everybody else has clocked off invoicing and accounts etc

    Youll need to have your level 2 and crb check to join a franchise anyway, add to that a CSCS if you want to work on building sites and ipaf for working at heights.

    Why make someone else rich ?
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    yes that is also something i am considering sniper and i may well go down that route, confidence is a problem though. i note from you are in it are you keeping busy.

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    A man who I know in our village took on a Pestforce franchise and is now operating on his own, more than happy to forward his number so you could get the npros and cons from the horse's mouth as it were.

    Most of the independent operators in this area use unmarked vans for discretion unlike the marked up Pestforce vehicles.

    I understand the original Pestforce franchise organisation has been sold on at least a couple of times to other bigger businesses.

    Summon up the confidence to go independent is my advice. Good luck with whatever you do. Chris.

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    I had a look at Pestforce after being made redundant a couple of years ago. However I decedent I would set up myself and am loving it!
    It hasn't been and isn't easy (for me at least) but very rewarding and I'm not tied to a post code or two!!

    If you want PM me your number, I would be happy to have a chat.
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    Hi; Very best of Luck, just started a new business myself and although its not "Pest control" related, it is related to something I sincerely enjoy doing. Guess to echo some of the above, the initial hard graft so to speak is to get the thing off the ground, the initial expense with the typical red tape, raw materials, book-keeping, website, getting your services and wares in the shop window so to speak. I wont lie at times I'm sure like others I questioned was it worth it. However I'm now earning a small but modest income, I'm still working hard to make it a success but enjoying much more working in the business as opposed to on it. If you do decide to take the plunge, the very best of luck my friend !

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