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Thread: Deer experience needed for deer condition on rifle.

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    Deer experience needed for deer condition on rifle.

    I have had my FAC application home check today. I wanted one of my rifle to be conditioned for deer stalking. Was told that I won't be able to have it done until I have been on several stalks and used the estate rifle to shoot the deer, recording when, where, type of deer felled and with whom I been with. The questions are: this is a normal practice?, how many would you say is acceptable, so I can say I have enough?
    was also told to get my D.SC. 1, which I intended to do anyway, but I was refused expandable ammo on my ticket. Is not this type of bullets required to take the test? Or will I be able to purchase them at the testing place? If you have not guessed I am completely new to deer stalking and therefore any information or help would be greatfuly accepted

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    Have you fulfilled the good reason clause for owning a deer legal rifle, ie have you got permission to shoot deer somewhere and do you have previous firearms experience?

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    I have been a member of a target shooting club for the last 16 months, but have been shooting on and off target for nearly 40 years, it just something I want to try before I get too old and cannot get around anymore as my health is slowly failing. As for land, no I don't have any, I was intending to use paid site ones or join a club

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    I take it you have a deer legal rifle you use for target shooting, book a stalk and apply to have dual use for the gun. Then you can get expanding ammo. Thats what I did, I have also done my DSC1,it stops any argument. Besides its a good way to learn and fun with it.

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    Which police morons demanded this?

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    I usually disagree with added conditions on an FAC, but by your own admission you have little experience of deer, perhaps this came across at your interview. You also say you intend to use paid stalks, do that, use the estate rifle, ask the stalker lots of questions and use this as your experience. When you book your stalking, ask if they are willing to put something in writing for you, as a target shooter your firearms safety and shooting technique should be fine.

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    Plenty of people own a deer-legal rifle and go just once a year on a paid stalking trip with a guide, for which they want to use their own rifle.

    Therefore if you give as 'good reason' that you intend to go on a stalking outing under the supervision of a guide, and you can proof that you have booked this, you have given sufficient 'good reason' to be granted a deer legal rifle and the required expanding amo.
    You may have to argue your point, if you do that in writing (Recorded) , being polite and professional you will find that, in the end, all Firearms Licensing Managers are actually perfectly reasonable and you will get your deer-legal rifle on your FAC.
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    Whilst DSC1 is not conditional it shows you are serious.
    and even old hands learn a hell of a lot.
    If you have no suitable land then booking 2 or 3 stalking outings
    should suffice.
    It does seem crazy that you can have armour piercing FMJ
    but not expanding ammo, but they obviously want to see a serious
    commitment to stalking first.
    I dont see why you cannot use your own rifle once you have demonstrated this
    and use expanding ammo for any test.
    Hope your health keeps up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by badbob View Post
    It does seem crazy that you can have armour piercing FMJ
    but not expanding ammo,

    Not quite Bob. He would be able to possess FMJ but not armour piercing. Unless that what you meant is that FMJ has a reputation for penetration that can be in excess of most expanding ammunition.

    Quoting from the guidance document and in particular the section that mentions prohibited weapons and ammunition.

    "any ammunition for military use which consists of or incorporates a missile designed, on account of its having a jacket and hard-core, to penetrate armour plating, armour screening or body armour (section 5(1A)(e)); "
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I had a similar sort of experience with Hampshire Police.

    What you need to do is to book well in advance one or better still 2 guided stalks with someone reputable (e.g. a DSC 2 assessor/ AW), this is your good reason.

    Then be prepared to argue with the police.

    Qualifying for DSC 1 will go very much in your favour as well.

    atb Tim
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