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Thread: fix damaged V.Sarasqueta wood stock?

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    fix damaged V.Sarasqueta wood stock?


    I have an old Victor Sarasqueta side by side that got some very deep dents knocked into the front of the comb, at the top on the edge.
    Is there any way to fix it? I dont think steaming it will do very much as the dent is sharp edged and about 2mm deep.

    Anyway, I think I may need to get some sort of filling in to fill out the dents. Any idea if this will work/is the best option? if so what should I use? a sawdust and glue mix? I dont want something that will look out of place.... I really like the gun and its a shame to have that dent... I dont like feeling those nicks in it when by fingers go over that area...

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    I probably shouldnt be doing this myself though... if I understand this correctly the wood would first need to be stripped of the varnish etc... Theres a guy close by (Manuel Ricardo) that does absolutely phenomenal work on stocks but I probably wont be able to afford his services so I want to know what could be done.


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    I would leave it as is. at least you can say it is not a safe queen.
    My father recently passed on his Charles Lancaster side plate 12ga to me, it was the first shotgun I fired at age 7. After that I used it as last man on the hunts in South Africa loaded with ssg and sg. The shotgun had a very hard life and was shot very much, never saw any rust but is mechanically completely at it's end.
    The builder of that fine gun could be proud to have built something that gave so much pleasure to generations of hunters.

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    sand it down and refinish or leave it alone

    saying that it brings back memories of filling unsightly gouges with coloured beeswax!

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    definitely not a safe queen, I dont believe in safe queens. though I sometimes wonder if I am completely sane when I take her out into bad weather to push slugs at wild boar on rough ground.
    guns are tools, tools need a purpose or they are just beautiful lumps of ore.

    thing is, i used to love rubbing my thumb over that thin delicate ridge, I always drifted away with thoughts of the artisans that made the stock and gun toiling away in a workshop. (my dad is a carpenter.. so i have a thing for woodwork)

    would filling it with beeswax do anything? it would certainly smell nice. maybe if I filled it with lacquer.
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    I don't know if it would be possible in that application but I have had small dents steamed out of a stock by a friend.

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