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Thread: Resizing 270 Win to 25-06

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    Resizing 270 Win to 25-06

    Hi All,

    I should be getting a 25-06 barrel for my R93 soon, so am looking at reloading components. Good brass for it does not seem to be widely available, so I was thinking I could resize Norma .270 brass quite easily. Would this be a simple as running the .270 brass through a full length 25-06 die and trimming to length? I think theres a possibility i may have to neck turn also? I've never done any resizing before so just wanted to check.

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    HI JC,

    Yes you should be able to resize .270 to .25-06 but make sure you lube the case well

    But BEWARE esp if you or a colleague has a .270 as you don't want to mix up the cartridges by relying on the headstamp!

    Back in the day when I 1st bought a .25-06 it came with a lot of reloaded .270 cases necked down to .25-06. If you are just stalking and the chamber isn't overly tight then you shouldn't need to neck turn. Once you have resized cycle a few through to see how they fit

    Be careful and good luck!


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    On this subject, i shoot a 25-06 and at present have 25-06 federal brass which I'm reloading. Would I need to work my load up again if i used resized .270 brass?

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    On this subject, i shoot a 25-06 and at present have 25-06 federal brass which I'm reloading. Would I need to work my load up again if i used resized .270 brass?


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    Have got quite a few used 25_06 cases if you want them pm me.Trevor

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    Why can you not just buy some proper correct size brass?

    Please define "Good brass"!

    Is the 25-06 so rare that it is unobtainum?

    Somehow I find that very hard to believe. Around here we are not exactly well supplied with shops and dealers so if you cannot find it locally then it is up to the internet to source and the mail/couriers to deliver. RUAG are showing Norma in stock it seems. Reloading Solutions show Nosler and Sako brass, Bronwells shows Hornady, Remington and Norma. That took just a few minutes using a Google search.

    I have to ask with the Police and Licensing being so daft with a lot of their ideas might having 270 brass resized ......................... might that not cause a problem or potential problem?

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    Ido t know his area but certainly where I am in Scotland reloading stuff can be a ball ache to get hold of

    Certainly travel minimum hour for it if ordered in

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    I'd only resize if you really can't get any brass.
    Whilst I prefer different sources you can do some early barrel breaking-in & zeroing with PPU at about 14/20. I've just started using the PPU brass I have (normally I reload Fed or Sako) and to be honest I don't see any real difference OTHER than that I have very little case trimming to do for these cases, which tells you something about their metallurgy. I see no other discernable differences and continue to shoot perfectly accurately beyond 300yds for the odd fox.

    Remington .25-06 Unprimed Brass Cases (50pk)
    Bullet heads/ Rifle brass -
    not the cheapest but easy to get - cheapest route will be to shoot some PPU - most expensive route is to shoot some Sako but the rounds are divine!

    Have fun whatever you do.

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    What I do , bought load of privi , groups well enough for deer in my rifle and ended up with batch once fired , if didn't group great still ended up with batch of once fired brass for not much difference in buying it anyway .
    But still got shed load of other brass / makes to play with too.

    Pity lapau didn't do .25 cal but I believe Norma stuff very good as well .


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    You can form .25-06 brass from .270 Win brass, but you have to trim the brass.

    The .270 Win is based off the .30-03, the predecessor of the .30-06, so the case length is 2.540 inches.

    The .25-06 is based off the .30-06 case, which was made a tad shorter by the U.S. Army, so case length is 2.494 inches.

    I form .30-03 brass ( true unobtanium ) by resizing .35 Whelen brass, which comes up a little short, but is perfect after firing the first hand load. I also size up .270 Win to .30-03, annealing the necks of fired brass, because that tended to thin out and split sometimes.

    I don't reload .25-06, but hunting partners do ( and did, RIP, Ed ), but I buy Prvi Partizan brass for 8x60S and have fired and reloaded several calibers from them, and found their ammo and brass to be quite good. Prvi may well sell new .25-06 brass in the UK, as they do in the USA.

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