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Thread: ADR Small claims court?

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    ADR Small claims court?

    Has anyone been through the ADR system or been to the small claims court, I've no idea how these things work, I've, I'm my opinion, been shafted by country covers/Fortis over a coat I baught, long story sort, it doesn't do as described, re lined, still faulty, I sent back two coats they sent me as they were the wrong pattern and material, sent back the coat I ordered four times, all at my own cost. I've been going through Trading Standards and following thier advice. The guy at fortis has offered 150 and my faulty coat back, I hand the coat eight months, five months at thier insistence so a "coating" had time to be washed out. I wore the coat no more than half a dozen times when I reported the problem to fortis. The coat did not arrive with the extras I paid for, another twenty five quids worth. I'm out the cost of the coat, 250, the extras 25 and the cost of posting coats I did not order and then we're faulty 50, the coat has a 4 year warranty, all this has taken two years!!!
    Has anyone any experience of the systems available?
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