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Thread: Dedicated night vision rifle

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    Dedicated night vision rifle

    Hi looking to fill a variation slot I've available and was toying what cal to apply for , I already own 243 , 223 and 22 rim fire , the rifle will be used mainly on fox so thought I would put the feelers out regards your preferences and so ? Cheers Wally

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    hi wallboy, i would think that your 223 would be all you would ever need for foxing, unless you are shooting deer or boar i think you are well equipped although plenty of lads my way are using 204 for fox,

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    Any feedback on 204 ??

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    Keep it simple, get another .223.

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    Would be 222, 223 or 22/250 for me depending on what nice rifles were around at the time

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    You've lost me with "variation slot". Surely you either have a slot with some thing in it, in which case cartridge is already decided, or you don't have a slot.
    Or do you mean you have a slot with a cartridge on that you don't want so you're gonna change it to something else?

    Either way, is there any reason why the 223 can't be a dedicated NV rig? You'd still have the .243 for day use.
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    .223 would be my choice for the job.

    If you want something a bit more exotic I had a buddy for a while that swore by his .220 Swift
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    have a slot for 17hmr but are gonna swap it

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    22.250, would be a good choice, quite close to 243 though, cheers

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    Controversial option but trade the 17hmr for a bigger deer round and use the 223 for the night rig. You can then use the .243 for daytime fox.

    Or don't get a new rifle and just use the 223 as the night rig with the 243 for daytime fox and deer.
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