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Thread: stainless steel tumbler

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    stainless steel tumbler

    Hi folks i am thinking about buying a stainless steel tumbler.What advice is there on these and what tumblers are available and where from.Idont need it to hold more than say 50 cases at one time.

    Thanks rab
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    Take a look at the tumblers from Henry Krank. I have one and they are fantastic. Baldie from valkyrie runs one also.

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    I have a standard midway cleaner in which I use corn cob, could I use the stainless needles in that ?

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    nope they will just sit in the bottom
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    Would you recommend them over ultrasonic and dry media Mark? My current brass prep process is US clean, dry, deprime, size, trim and debur, then tumble for 6-8 hours in walnut media. It works quite nicely, but one less step would be nice.

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    th eonly down side is you haveto dry them but with the right equipment even this is a pop there is nothing to compare how clean they become
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    I bought a Thumler tumbler with stainless steel media from Spud and transformed my cleaning process. I found the dry media would after several tumbles leave the brass slightly dirty which meant more elbow grease with a cloth to Finish. With the stainless you just pour the muck away with the water and start again with clean media - makes sense it works as well as it does. It's a bit more upfront cost and much depends on how much you like super clean brass - which I do!

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    For anyone not familiar with the SS media process, this is how I do my cases.

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