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Thread: Shared ownership of firearms on FAC

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    Shared ownership of firearms on FAC

    I may be intermittently abroad, my chances of going stalking and/or driven boar out of the UK will increase if a friend of mine stores and transports my rifle for him. I therefore wonder if its an easy thing to get 'dual ownership' so my rifle could be on my FAC and a friends?



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    It is possible to have a firearm on two certificates. The police may ask for separate cabinets though so that you only have access to the rifle that you share. Other option, probably easier, would be to store you gun at an RFD.

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    I found it easy enough, admittedly only one rifle out of four.
    Myself and my Dad 'share' a .243, it was not a problem when I asked. But then forces do vary.

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    I used to have one shared CF rifle. The condition (with Dyfed Powys Police) was a bit of an ar** as it had to be stored at one named address.

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    Me and my son share guns they are listed on my permit. His permit just says authorised to use guns listed on mr ****** permit no ********* with no restrictions

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    Should be fine I've had shared rifles in the past. Only issue is storage arrangements, as mentioned above and I assume your friend already has or would have to have good reason to hold the type and calibre rifle too.

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    Same as above I share centrefire and rimfire rifles with my son who lives at a different address. He list my rifles to use on his license and I list his to use on mine no restrictions on who keeps the rifles.
    if we go shooting together and one of us has to go straight on to work or just out the other can take both rifles home and securely store them.

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    My son has one of mine on his ticket and I have his on my ticket. Very easy, the police suggested we do it when he applied for his ticket.

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    As above very easy. As long as all calibres shared are on both tickets then it can be entered in. It is always best to run it past the FEO but they have always been very helpful.


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