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Thread: How's this for service

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    How's this for service

    I applied for 1for1 variation,posted on Tuesday 23 rd Feb ,had a phone queery on Thursday 25 th,received my certificate today Saturday 27th. That is the fastest turn round I have ever had.Well done West Yorkshire exelent service.
    Anyone else receiving service like this

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    I wish, well done West Yorkshire

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    Last variation in Avon&Somerset was 4 weeks but normally it is 2 weeks

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    Strewth! We can only dream of that in TVP:
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    We have an excellent FL here. I recently sold a LH Tikka on this site.I had left it to be RFD to W.Yorkshire with my gunshop.
    A week later I called at the shop to collect my new rifle, I was told I had to drive a five mile round trip to FL with a receipt for removal of the Tikka from my FAC (cock up) However, it took our FL 15 mins, while I waited, to receive my updated ticket.
    I had gone to the shop at 10.15 and left the shop with my new rifle (also from this site) at 11.15, including my round trip.
    Box of biscuits for the tea break delivered to FL the same day,well deserved don't you think.

    It usually takes the same time as the rest of you for a renewal however.

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