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    watok licence for captive deer parks
    welfare of animals at time of killing
    anyone know the score with this ? the person culling is licenced not the park apparently ?
    cheers Norma

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    I presume that you have already looked here
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Right now APHA won't consider an application for an assessment of competence to obtain a WATOK licence for the culling of park deer because they say "Park deer are usually considered wild animals, unlike farmed deer, and there is no requirement to hold a WATOK licence in order to cull them with firearms."

    I referred them to a copy of the NGO magazine article, so that's being discussed by them internally as we speak.

    In the meantime I said what about a WATOK ticket for park and farmed deer, to which the response was:

    "We do not carry out assessment of competence for farmed deer, because you would need a Certificate of Competence rather than a WATOK licence for that purpose. So you will need to contact the Food Standards Agency who can provide you with information on how to proceed for that.

    If you need a Certificate of Competence, and you obtain one then you will be able to cull park deer as well under that certificate, you would not need a Watok licence, if after all it is decided that there is a need for one. "

    All copied to BDFPA, so hopefully it will be fully clarified in due course.
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    much obliged also to the SD member who pmd me SD at its best again .

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