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Thread: sgc revoked

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    sgc revoked


    I was recently issued a new SGC certificate for the first time and yesterday the armed police come out to my property when I was not there (out hunting) they had a warrant to take possession of my shotguns, cartridges and certificate. Today they confirmed that they have revoked my licence.

    When I applied for my licence I put down that I use to suffer from slight stress and put down my convictions (motoring). So I basically told them everything about me as honestly as possible.

    When the FEO come out he said I need the doctor to sort out a medical and said I wont hear nothing until the medical has come back. so the police then sent me a letter out to give to the doctor to sort the medical, I gave it to the doctor. I then received my licence, so I thought that the police Had my medical back. Then 2 weeks later the licence was revoked.

    I was wondering where do I stand on this issue as I no longer suffer from slight stress.

    I am a full member with basc took it out last week.

    Many thanks in advance

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    I would suggest that you ask BASC? The rest of us are purely guessing.

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    Contact basc they can advise.

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    Shakey/ inaccurate medical report????????????
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    It's why people with FAC/SGC don,t go to doctors. A sad state of affairs, a complete misunderstanding of mental health.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    It's why people with FAC/SGC don,t go to doctors. A sad state of affairs, a complete misunderstanding of mental health.
    Just perhaps Taff, the Dr has a perfect understanding of the OP's mental health and doesn't think that he 'No longer suffers'?

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    As others have said speak to basc and possible seek legal council

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    Have you been given a reason for it being revoked?

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    Will he be in the 51% bracket....?

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    Sounds like you need to understand what the Doctor said in the report. Have you had the official nod from him/her that you're all clear of "stress", as it will be the contents of their response that will have determined the Police response.

    If the Doc says you've only recently been given the all clear, it might be that the Police will want a follow report in x months time for confirmation that you've not had a relapse (not a great word, but I hope you know what I mean).

    Not sure what BASC can do about this as they could say that 1. You volunteered the information, and 2. You only joined AFTER the SGC application, so this was already undergoing when you took out the insurance.

    As already said though, speak to BASC to get their thoughts, not ours, and also ask the Police and you Doctor for a copy of the medical response.

    Good luck, can't be nice
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