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Thread: Load development test range.

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    Load development test range.

    What would a good distance be to test load development. Weather conditions will be calm. Many thanks Neil

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    I test mine at 100yards

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    100m/yds....whatever your preference

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    Ladder testing it is easier to see results at 300+ meters.
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    100 m for me using the OCW testing procedure, then out to longer ranges

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    100 yards to start, but if you plan to shoot at long range, you have to test at long range. If a load ladder tightening up at 100 but not as small as you want, don't give up there. Shoot a few at 200, because some loads don't fully settle down at 100, will shoot a tighter group at 200 than at 100.

    Once I have mine sighted in at 100, a bit high, I shoot a few at 200, then zero it there, or fire a group at the zero ( 150 or 250 ). Then I shoot it at 300 with my hunting load. If I am using a ballistic reticle, or going to be twisting turrets in the field, I test those and verify actual drops and what yardage to which they correspond.

    For a .22 LR or .22 WMR, I zero at 25, shoot to see drops at 50, 75 and 100, then find a zero like 50 yards for the LR or 100 for the WMR, and then shoot at ranges 25 to 150 to record holdovers for the primary ammunition, and some others.
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