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    Sako A1

    So happy! Bought at Sako A1 in .223 today - sub-MOA with 3 different types of factory ammo!
    niw nestling next to my A2 and A7....lack of imagination or just good taste? Works for me!

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    Good taste I say!

    I have just got an A1 in .222 and it's very accurate with 53gr Matchkings and minimal time spent on load development. I love the fit and finish too.

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    Lovely rifles, how does the A7 compare?

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    Got an A2 in 270Win wouldn't change it for anything new a pleasure to own and shot with lovely wood to

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    A7 feels a very different rifle but it's my go to deer rifle - stainless steel and great synthetic stock makes it comfortable to heft about in the woods or on the highseat. Much simpler bolt construction and sub MOA on its favourite ammo. The AII and AI are both blued and wood - solid and wickedly accurate but I'll check the weather before I take them out in the rain. Probably too cautious but why not? Can't believe how flat 40g shoots in the A1 - 22-250 territory! I remain in love with my Sako's.��

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