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Thread: Double Rifles??

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    Double Rifles??

    Looking for advice on double rifles I have always wanted to own a double rifle driven boar is on my bucket list but I would also like to use it for deer in the UK I'm looking for advice on caliber ? One what is available at most shops or easy to reload and affordable the rifle I want is available in these calibers 8x57 jrs, 7x65r and 30r blaser? Does anyone own one of these calibers or have any advice or knowledge on them many thank.

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    I have an 8x57irs double and use it for deer. Reloading components are easier to obtain in this chambering than they once were, but the availability and choice of 8mm bullets is somewhat patchy as 8mm expanding isn't exactly popular in this country.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Thanks for the help did you have any trouble getting that caliber on your ticket?

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    Legally any non self-loading or pump action rifle is just that '1x 7x64mm rifle'. However the variation form asks for 'type' so then you'd put 'double barrel' or 'side by side' or 'over and under'

    Are you a reloader? Or factory ammunition? As some old factory metric rimmed calibres are now limited in factory load. But in theory 7x57 still should be velocity legal. And 7x64 definitely so. I'm guessing that 8x57 will tell us about if 8x57 in either 8x57JR or 8x57JRS is.

    Note JR is .318" and JRS is .323". Like 7x57R the 8x57JR is now almost a single factory loading.

    Note you must match the loading in a side by side to the load it was regulated for. Else it will cross shoot.

    But in ALL cases it'll be regulated with that bullet at a set distance. Some like the Baikal can be owner adjusted.

    Be aware that scope mountings might be expensive and might preclude much over a 36mm or 42mm lense...and if so you are limited now to very few makers! Be aware! That cheap rifle may COST to put a 'scope on it!

    With an over under it will put one barrel group above the other barrel group. But some see that as an advantage as it gives one barrel on aim at say 100 yards and the other on aim, say, at another distance.

    Good luck. And AVOID 8x57JR...the .318" it is almost impossible to get components, of factory ammunition in .318" in the UK.
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    A note on the .318" bullet shortage.

    I shoot 9.3x57 and one of the problems I run into is that the bullets are either too lightly constructed, or heavily constructed and not exactly suitable for the cartridge. A solution is ordering a .366 cast bullet sizing die from Lee and running lubed .375" jacketed bullets through it using your loading press. Sounds wild, but it works. If you contact Lee, tell them you want the die for resizing jacketed bullets and they will cut a special throat into the die. They sell a lot of these through their custom shop. I'm guessing a .323" reduction to .318" would be a piece of cake. ~Muir
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    Quote Originally Posted by enfieldspares View Post
    Legally any non self-loading or pump action rifle is just that '1x 7x64mm rifle'. However the variation form asks for 'type' so then you'd put 'double barrel' or 'side by side' or 'over and under'
    Eh? I just put 'rifle' in the type box. Zero need to put down what action you want. What if you put down 308 bolt action but then see a nice kipplauf or straight pull, put a variation in to change the action type? Naaaah, when you buy it the RFD will put down action type.

    For the OP, out of the three you suggested I'd disregard the 30r. It's kind of popular on the continent but brass may be an issue in the future. With the other two there is so many old (and new) doubles chambered in them that brass will be available for years to come.
    You'll be able to get factory ammo with ease. Go here; Dealer Locator - RUAG Ammotec UK Ltd , find a convenient RFD that has an account with RUAG and get some ordered.
    Norma does 8x57jrs and 7x65r
    RWS does all three
    Geco (the cheapest) does 8x57jrs and 7x65r

    You'll have to wait for it to be delivered but it's no bother in the great scheme of things. Especially since you'll know what to buy as you'll know what your rifle is regulated with.

    If you aim to reload then the 7x65r makes more sense as 7mm bullets are easier to get hold of in the UK with a greater variety.
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    I have spent a good few years learning how to use a bolt action rifle on the UK deer species. They seem to work pretty well, accurate, work well over all UK stalking distances. Forgive my ignorance, but why would you want to use a double rifle on UK deer species? Do you need the second barrel for follow up shots? Are the bolt actions not accurate enough for you?

    I can get my head around it for driven boar, but I can't quite understand why a double is a good tool for deer in the UK.

    Please enlighten me.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    I think a lot of it is romanticism and look but handling factors in there as well. Same reason people get falling blocks or kipplaufs. I prefer falling blocks simply for looks. If I was spending a lot of money it'd be a falling block. Bolt actions don't do it for me.
    However, bolt actions are the most popular hunting arm for a reason.
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    I would love a nice SxS double in a light calibre. Dreamt of owning and using a Nice Lancaster in 303 but the pockets could not match the dream . Some years back I went as far as getting a Chapuis catalogue and sort of drooled over the Progress rifles in 8x57 JRS and 7x65R. The catalogue is old enough that it mentions the VHS video that they offered ........................... note no CD or DVD as I said I got it some years ago but then the firm decided to move up north and unemployment bekoned so the idea was shelved. The dream is still there the funds however are not.

    I did get to shoot a Chapuis double in 8x57 JRS and it was a beautiful rifle and grouped well. I was well impressed with the rifle and it's performance and very grateful to the chappie at Bisley for letting be give it a whirl. It was after that I got the catalogue. Perhaps it is because I am not one really for following the herd and I like what many consider unusal things but to be stalking Deer with such a rifle would be about perfect. If you do not get it then perhaps it is not for you but for some of us it IS the thing .

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    The only double rifle I have is a .58 caliber muzzle loader by Pedersoli. It isa wonderfully accurate rifle that's easy to handle and affords a fast second shot. I would love to get a breechloading double gun. I really don't care what chambering as long as it's got a rim on it. To think of it more, I'm pushed towards a 30-40 Krag Jorgensen. That would male a fine rifle.~Muir.

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