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Thread: Roe Grazing

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    Roe Grazing

    I drove past one of my permissions this morning on the way to work and noticed two Roe. The field was drilled with winter barley, but due to flooding and then the big freeze etc it has been a bit of a late starter and it currently at about 4-6" growth.

    My question is will Roe graze on this or would they just be mooching about after a long night on the tiles? I know they are regular visitors to the field as there are slots all over the muddy bald patches.



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    I see this quite often - I am fairly sure they are just munching on emergent weeds, rather than the grass or barley because I've never seen any on a field thats been sprayed.

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    Roe like anything that is new and suculant .Some of the barley will be great for them some will be to long but between the stalks of barly will be alsorts clover etc. It will have also been hit with an accelerator after the winter mainly Nitorgen based and that will have them on if for a wee while yet.

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    Roe will eat wheat and barley when it first emerges,but after that will be eating weeds, trouble is trying to convince the farmer.

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    He 'likes to see 'em about' so they are off limits at the moment anyway. Just interesting to watch and learn without worrying about where my backstop is going to be

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