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Thread: First red deer calf

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    First red deer calf

    During my rounds yesterday evening I heard "a bustle in the hedgerow";

    Out popped my first mini deer of the year. About five days old I think.

    I heard a hind bellowing last week, this could be the result. Anything else happening?


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    Hi Herne, Glad to hear you have an early red calf.
    I have about 4 sika hinds with quite big calves at foot now but my reds are looking worryingly trim. I think a few will have aborted due to malnourishment through the winter. This years DCS returns which are due in by 5th June has a section for deaths due to starvation this time. I lost 4 reds, 1 sika and 2 roe that I know about. David

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    Hi folks,
    First calf with me (sunny Devon) May 5th. I was really hoping for an April calf as the rut seemed to be so early and strong last autumn, but it wasn't to be. In fact I think the late spring has slowed things a bit. Currently about 20 calves born out of adult hinds and the first of the yearling hinds produced today. Being born early is a tremendous advantage to a calf as they can get to 70 ish kilos by Nov/Dec meaning their rumen is then large enough to allow them to continue putting on weight through the winter rather than standing still or even losing weight. For me it is great to have access to this information that you cannot get in such detail from wild deer. At the end of the day though none of it matters unless we enjoy what we do.

    I suppose the comfort to be drawn from winter deaths due to the weather is that the ones left alive are your strongest stock; just what you want to be breeding from.

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    I saw my first Red calf yesterday. Apparently she was just a few hours old.

    Luckily I had my camera with me.

    Fantastic to see!
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