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Thread: info on barn owls

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    info on barn owls

    Up unto a few weeks back I had never seen a barn owl but up to now I've probably seen approx 11 different ones in different locations. Through different times of the day. Is this there breeding time, populations increasing? or have I just been lucky?

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    Barn Owls usually hunt from dusk onwards, however because of the bad weather of late, and the barn owls inability to hunt when it's raining they're forced to hunt in the day or when it's not raining.

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    Here you go.
    Conserving the Barn Owl and its environment
    Fantastic sight to see, but getting less common these days.

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    I don't know the answer to your question Weeman but As you know I'm not far from you and I was just commenting to my wife that I've seen a resident barn owl maybe three or four times in the last fortnight during the daytime when I usualy ony ever spot it once in a blue moon late on a summers evening.

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    I've seen four around Silverdale/Arnside, three around Kirkby Lonsdale, 1 in Thetford and ipswich and around Hutton roof.
    Beautiful to see and admire times even mid day.

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    We used to have several round here, now sadly a bit of a rarity. The tawnies are the biggest problem taking over the barns nesting sites they are also quite aggressive towards them.
    as far as daylight flying, it was common to see them flying at all times of the day hereabouts particularly in the breeding season. I think lack of nesting sites (barns being converted etc.) is a problem for them but worse has been the weather. This last winter must have been extremely difficult for them as they don't fly in the wet. Finally barns these days don't hold large quantities of mice which used to support barns through the winter.

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    I was watching 1 last night in my nv. It's the first time I have seen 1 in that particular area.
    Most common place for me to see them is Framlingham mere/ Castle area.
    Great birds to watch. I had never seen a wild Barn Owl before I moved to Suffolk.

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    used to see them everyday growing up,and my mate had a resident barn owl in his attic every year got so regular newspapers came and photo,d them for the news,ive seen two in the last three weeks teatime ish,nice to get them back again,atb doug,

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    We have "our" Barn owl back. In fact it is not the same one as the original succumbed the other year but it must have been old as it had been about for many ... many years. We used to lose the old one during the breeding season but once that was over it was back patrolling our bit of ground and often sitting on the electric pole tension wire only 15-20 feet from the conservatory door.

    In fact we saw the Barn Owl only yesterday late afternoon. Our field provides plenty of Mice and Voles and we have Kesterals nesting in a tall tree again this year it looks like. If there is food and somewhere to nest they will colonise.

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