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Thread: Hensoldt Rifle scopes (and other optics)

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    Hensoldt Rifle scopes (and other optics)

    For those who like to buy expensive gear in the hope it increases their success rate: I came across an optics brand I had never heard of before and which is rarely mentioned in the hunting press: Hensoldt
    Marketed at the defense sector, but...
    Their ZF 3.5-26x56-riflescope at just $7,000 looks like the new top of the range ultimate riflescope!
    Maybe it is time to trade in those Swarovski scopes and go for something a lot better ....?
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    Hensoldt has a distinguished history in optics.

    Hensoldt was the first company to use roof prisms in binoculars, way back in 1897, though originally they used the Penta prisms rather than the more commonly used Abbe-König roof prisms. Dialyt, which is a name we associate these days with Zeiss, originally belonged to Hensoldt.

    Hensoldt was acquired by Zeiss in 1928 and then merged with Cassidian in 2012. It's now a subsidiary of Airbus Defence & Space - see Optronics Solutions - Airbus Defence and Space
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    I had the Zeiss/Hendsoldt 6-24x72 for a while which at the time was big money (for me anyway) my friend bought it from me a few years ago and still loves it. Quality kit no doubt but so are all the top end optics these days and once you get into the high end bracket the difference is so minimal it makes little difference so personal preference to certain reticles etc becomes more important in my opinion.

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    Hendsoldt were making scopes and Mauser were fitting them to their rifles prior to WW1. Khales and Zeiss were also in the rifle scope business back then as were the firms of Oigee and Voitlander. No doubt there were others as well that I am not aware of.

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    Hendersolt is the military part of Zeiss and mainly marketed in USA. Am still waiting to hear back from Zeiss re sunshades to fit my 56mm Diavari.


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    I posted this information a couple of months ago in another thread - here it is again.

    50mm and 56mm sunshades to fit Diavari 'scopes, as well as killflashes etc., used to be available from the Hensoldt (military) division of Zeiss. This part of the business is now owned by Cassadian Optronics (Airbus).

    A company in Germany called IEA sell the Hensoldt range and should be able to supply the sunshades.

    Their website is Unfortunately it is all in German !

    Be aware though......the objective ring on many Diavari 'scopes is not threaded and therefore will need changing before a sunshade can be fitted. These threaded replacement rings are available from us at Zeiss Sport Optics to fit 56mm 'scopes (but at the moment I am not sure about 50mm).

    Please note...............Hensoldt is now no longer owned by Zeiss. It is owned by Cassadian Optronics (Airbus). This is probably the reason why Zeiss have been unable to come up with sunshades for your 56mm Diavari. We can, as previously mentioned, supply the threaded ring that the shade will fit (as this is used on other models in our range) but the sunshades themselves are now manufactured by Cassadian Optronics.


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    Please can you post the part no and cost. The objective ring on my Diavari is threaded its currently got a Leupold sun shade screwed onto it.


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