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Thread: What's the most reliable used pick up

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    What's the most reliable used pick up

    As the title says which is the most reliable used truck!
    i have a Navara D40 which I got cheap through work and generally it's good for the job
    i dont give it much abuse because it has over 150k on the clock,
    i have have a few issues as expected, but my mate has the same truck with half the miles and he has had his fare share of trouble, Navara D40 are maybe not the most reliable!!
    So the question is if I was going to replace it with another pick up what would you guys suggest
    budget 10k max, little less would be better..
    Isuzu,Toyota,Ford,Nissan, Great Wall,Land rover.
    maybe they all have there issues just pay your money and take your chance!

    cheers Tikka595

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tikka595 View Post
    Isuzu,Toyota,Ford,Nissan, Great Wall,Land rover.

    cheers Tikka595
    I would choose in this order (Favourite to least favourite): Toyota, Isuzu, Ford, Nissan, GWM, Landrover

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    I don't have a lot of experience of other makes but having had 4 second hand Isuzu's I would always go for one of them. I have NEVER had one let me down, but I have always had full servicing! Cheers Jerry

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    I have a 5 year old hilux with nearly 200,000 on the clock still on original clutch never let me down has full Toyota service and has only had the usual service parts. Ordered the new hilux for September why ! They cannot be beaten

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    All the research projects I ever worked with in Africa relied almost exclusively on Toyota Hiluxes.

    Says all you need to know.

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    I think reliability is pretty good for all of them these days and the differences are small. One not mentioned is the VW Amarok. Maybe not so sure of the fuel consumption (!) but you don't get many unreliable VW's. But if reliability is the major issue, then it's hard to look past the Toyota Hilux.

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    Toyota's are very good i had the 3L vigo but that had a few issues and wasn't cheep to put right .i found the fords to be really good and cheap on parts ,that why I just went for the new one the ltd thought about the hilux but couldn't see where the extra money was as the ford has it all
    You should get a nice ranger for 8-10 k were you will be at the higher end of the miles in the hilux range and try and avoid buying something with a tow bar as its probably be carting cattle or mini diggers about or the likes off .

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    The Hilux held the top spot for years,but a lot of the guys up here really rate the Isuzu. Land Rovers are unreliable and expensive and I wouldn't touch the Great Wall with a barge pole. I think the Ford Ranger is well thought of too,which is very similar to the Mazda which I drive,that I really like,especially the heated seats,this time of year.
    Id take a good look at the Isuzu,though.

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    Get your coat love you pulled.

    Sorry Wrong pick-up.

    It's got to be a Toyota Hi-lux.

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