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Thread: New .22lr barrel

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    New .22lr barrel

    Can anybody tell me roughly how many subsonic rounds I should expect to have to fire through my new HW66 before any level off accuracy can be expected please? All my previous 22's have been bought second hand, so I've no idea.
    I've put 120 rounds through it so far and it's still shooting like a 12ga with an open choke. 6 inch 5 shot groups at 50 metres.
    I'm quite experienced with rifles, so have checked all the usual suspects (stock screws, mount screws, ring screws, mod on/mod off, Eley and Winchester ammo, barrel is free-floating etc, etc) the S+B scope came straight off my 17HMR so I know that's not faulty either.
    The rifle was bought brand new and was factory screw-cut so there should be no problems with the crown.
    Is it just a case of more lead required through the barrel?
    I look forward to any replies from those more in the know about new .22lr's than I.

    Thanks in advance.

    ATB Lee

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    Gosh no! It should be good to go from the start. Lead alloy .22RF bullets won't lap in any barrel. Try it with its iron sights only, no moderator fitted. If no iron sights try as below. Except the slave sight method BEFORE the taking it out of its stock method.

    My advice, if you can, is remove the stock and put the thing in a vice and bore sight it at twenty yards...after trying with a slave sight as noted below.

    Or make a slave backsight and frontsight from a business card, or bent piece of tin, bent into L shapes and one with a notch. The other an inverted V and shoot it at twenty yards.

    Both systems will eliminate ANY 'scope issues and at twenty yards off a sandbag or coat I'd expect at least a 1/2" centre to centre group.

    I think you've maybe got a nicked muzzle crown IF it fails the slave sight test. Make them tall enough and you can then repeat with the moderator fitted. To see if that is misaligned.

    OTOH it could just be rubbish batch of ammunition?
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    New .22lr barrel

    Ok what .22 is it Cz?

    If so get something like thin that can go down the barrel and feel as you come out over the crown & "feel" the 360 degree round the crown ..
    Obviously somethings that won't damage but allow you to feel any irregularities.
    My Cz452 left handed came and was same .... Lucky to hit same bit of A4 at 20 yds
    The problem was a "burr" left after machining the crown ...& it was literally tiny , just enough to feel it with a cut cotton bud . Once it was removed it shot keyhole !

    Might not be your problem but worth a check

    Bad crown


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    OTOH it could just be rubbish batch of ammunition?

    plus one to that, try another couple of brands of ammo


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    I presume you thoroughly cleaned the barrel when you got it home from dealers? I have heard that CZ use a particularly viscus oil in their barrels before they leave the factory and it takes a thorough cleaning to remove it. Obviously any deposits of oil left will cause accuracy problems.

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    Thanks for the replies gents, much appreciated. Could I just point out though that as I said in the OP it's a HW66 (weihrauch) and as said I've tried 2 different batches of ammo from 2 different manufacturers already.
    Enfieldspares I'm going to try your method of makeshift open sights, although I'm 99.9% sure it's not a scope issue.
    I think it must more likely be the crown.

    ATB Lee

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    Bit of card and scissors, or tin can and tin snips. Or aluminium Coke can and scissors and sellotape them around the barrel. With careful handling it's good for twenty or thirty shots.

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    Apologises for reading & forgetting the marque in the OP
    Keep us posted what you find


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    Id say scope or crown can't see many other scenarios that fit

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    I'd clean the bore with Hoppes no9 or similar old fashioned oily cleaner & wire .22cal brush - scrub it to get rid of all fouling, residue oil / grease. Swab out with lint free cloth patches till squeaky clean.
    Do the cotton wool bud check on the crown to identify any burrs. If there are any, get it sorted by an expert if you aren't fully confident.
    Remove scope & rings/bases.
    Stock off & check bedding is correct. Refit & tighten properly.
    Check action dovetails are squeaky clean & also free from burrs.
    Inspect ring base dovetails for burrs etc & that the profile is a correct mating fit onto the receiver dovetails.
    Check rings fit scope tube snugly.
    Maybe put the scope back on the previous rifle & test fire it - just to double check it is still good.
    Refit bases, rings & proven scope as normal - eye relief & crosshairs vertical etc.
    Bore sight then zero scope. Leave moderator off.
    Shoot a group with both types of ammo.
    If it doesn't shoot right then, get an independant riflesmith to check head space, chambering, bore diameter & crown alignment. - Or simply take it back & get it exchanged. - It is a new rifle so you have recourse.
    You could get it recrowned, but that would void any warranty you may have.
    Any bolt action rifle that won't shoot Winchester & Eley subsonic ammo into 1.5" at 50 yards has something very wrong & is "not fit for purpose" IMHO.
    "Factory" threading is often done by the distributors & mistakes can & are made every now & then, so don't assume the crown is right.


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