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    Attachment 67136Hey bob.its a big thanks from swaro for taking me out on the reds.he was getting a little frustrated as the stags wouldn't show after seeing them most days for over a week.bloody bitterly cold easterly wind.them stags stayed in the shelter of the wood.earlyish start this morning.we carried on as we left off the night before.saw roe out feeding.ah then we saw some red hinds feeding off boundaries. Things were beginning to look better.moved to where we stalked last night and we could see a spiker.headed for it.just about to come in view and we stumbled on a few roe doe's that ran and did us a favour.they pushed 12 to 15 hinds and calf's that came right out infront of us.bob said there is ya chance.i nailed the hind and a calf came back.i guess it was hers.grassed it first reds.shot from 70yd or so off the sticks.i was well heck there roe on steroids , huge things, I absalutely loved it bob.looking forward to returning and taking a beast with some big antlers .what a great host you were cheers bob.atvb swaro
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    S.D at its best sounds like a grand day out and a great result
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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