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Thread: beware of Tesco mobile

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    beware of Tesco mobile

    As per title. My mrs has just checked her on line banking and Tesco have taken three months direct debit for the mobile monthly contract which expired three months ago . She never cancelled her order with them as she presumed it would up automatically stop and thought it would be cancelled. When she just phoned them basically they said "tuff because you didn't cancel your direct debit tuff. Three months payment for nothing.

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    Tesco every little helps barstewards

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    I think most do it doesnt make it right though.
    I presume it is somewhere in the contract details we rarely read in full, I never do.
    Really helpful customer response.
    Can you not cancel after the 3 months and never go back ?

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    Bound to be in the small print to notify them of cancellation at contract end?

    Would they just not assume if no cancellation that service was to continue?

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    Why do you think all the charities like the RSPB want you to set up direct debits so that you forget all about them?

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    Try writing to them, and I do mean a letter, saying that they have taken money without supplying a service and you intend to write to your MP and complain to trading standards and see what happens.


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    I would suggest next time your wife reads the terms as it states quite clearly that after the first year the contract reverts to a month by month contract. Tesco operate the same terms as most phone companies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTO View Post
    Why do you think all the charities like the RSPB want you to set up direct debits so that you forget all about them?

    Respectfully not the same? That is not payment for a service?
    Clearly says on mine how many days notice required to cancel.
    They would assume that no cancellation means the service is still required?

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    If I change insurance company, phone or any service where direct debit is involved, once phone call has taken place informing them I'm changing / leaving their service , I cancel the direct debit immediately to be sure .
    Bet it's scary the amount coined in by companies who keep collecting in scenarios like this

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    Sorry but not cancelling the DD is your fault, not tesco's.
    As far as Tesco is concerned you didn't cancel so wish to carry on with the service.
    Just because a contracts ends does not mean it no longer provides a service.
    My Vodafone contract ended over 2 years ago, I carry on paying and using as nobody will match what I have now.


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