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Thread: Sako 75 Stn/Syn .243

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    Sako 75 Stn/Syn .243


    Im selling my .243 stainless synthetic 75 to fund a new rifle . I bought it 8 months ago from a nice old chap who had it from new as a stalking rifle, its about 6 years old and had approx 300 rounds through it, either 105gr or 90gr factory.

    Metalwork is in very good nick and rifling is sharp. The synthetic stock shows signs of use but isnt damaged or heavily scratched or knackered in any way The trigger was also tweaked by Mike Norris so it has a lovely clean break

    Its screwcut m14x1 with thread cap and comes with an ASE S5 mod (also in very good nick - which matches the barrel!!) and either a set of 1" or 30mm optilock bases and rings. Ill also chuck in some Hornady 95gr SST.

    I would prefer f2f so you can see what you are buying!!!

    950 f2f or I could RFD at cost

    Also advertised elsewhere.

    Thanks for looking!!

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    Im interested

    ATB Steve

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    Any chance of a pic??

    ATB Steve

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    still for sale - i will get some pics done on monday when i buy a new battery charger for my camera. little lad has broke mine !!!

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    sold pending to the man above!!

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