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Thread: German Shepherd or Malinois

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    German Shepherd or Malinois

    Does anyone use one of the above for deer work? Both tracking and indicating, if so would love to hear their views.

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    Used a GSD years ago for a wee while. She wasn't trained for the job, that wasn't why I got her, but she could follow a blood trail and dispatch roe deer with ease. I think if I had put the time into her she would of been as good as any other dog.

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    I have a GSD and she works really well, they have excellent noses and are strong enough to stop a wounded deer. Also has the upside that she deters pikeys and poachers.


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    I've got both at the moment, not used either for deer. The GSD is more inclined to track though.
    He is not bothered by any weather either, quite happily lying outside his kennel in snow (on the rare occasion we have any). Might be a consideration if you spend much time in seats.
    Do you have any experience of Malis ? They wouldn't be my first choice just as a stalking dog, but as said if you've got any 'undesirables' about either breed could be useful.

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    Had a gsd from a pup and trained her to track deer which she did very well. Gave good indication snffing the air but if you do decide to get one then you must get working stock as opposed to show. Malis tend to be very high drive and are less likely to relax under a high seat for a few hours. Pm me with a phone number and I'd be happy to talk you through it. Bryn

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