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Thread: Easy to use smartphone

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    Easy to use smartphone

    Up to this moment I am a Nokia man. Simple, small, reliable, good connection, close to perfect. The only thing I would like to add is a decent camera. So the question is simple, but the answer probably isn't. Is there an easy to use, reliable smartphone, not to big to fit is a trouserpocket, excellent battery life, good connection, ....... ? Or should I better stay with a traditional Phone.
    I hardly sent any tekst messages. Need glasses for this and they are not always in my pockets. I use my phone to call, but a camera could sometimes be usefull.

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    Stick with your Nokia,smart phones are OK but with your list of requirements would be overkill and touch screen is a beast to get used to!!

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    I agree with 2130.

    I have a Nokia C3 (qwerty keypad) for everyday use including taking pics and a Samsung Note for the internet.
    Which one would l miss most?- The Nokia for sure!

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    Just get a small camera; it will be so much better.

    I will say though that I've seen some surprisingly good shots from the bigger phones but they've been nearly the size of i-pads & look very fragile.

    Not necessarily this specific camera but something along these lines would be very handy & as the lens retracts is probably about the same size as a small mobile;

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    I had my basic Nokia for years, had it for years, i even dropped from the top of a BT pole when i worked for the, it bounced on the road, didn't fall apart, and when i picked it out of the wet grass it still worked!

    But, i felt the need to get a Smartphone, for various reasons, and the one i settled on, which has been very reliable, and for you has a great camera, is a Moto G, no complaints here.



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    +1 for the Moto G, great phones, add a microsd card and you can store the world on it.
    Is there a time and place for spontaneity?

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    If you want the best smart pnone then buy a Galazy S5. Firstly it takes brilliant pictures, removable battery and micro SD card and is to a degree waterproof and highly dust resisitant. I have a really good lumix pocket camera but invarriably take all my pictures on my Galaxy. Link it up to your G mail account and everything automatically is updated so no worries if you loose or destroy it. Currently I have 4 k pics on my phone all backed up.

    I have some great 10x8's prints made from some pictures and Jessops were very impressed by the picture quality and resolution.

    Car phone Warehouse have a link up with samsung so you can book yourself into a user course and that will be a great benifit.


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    Get an Iphone and you'll never look back. Iphone 5s would be my choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highland stalker View Post
    Get an Iphone and you'll never look back. Iphone 5s would be my choice.
    I got rid of my iPhone a few months ago and I wouldn't have another given!!! I got a Sony Xperia, far more user friendly, better battery life, better camera by far, I'd have been better off with an exasketch than the camera on the iPhone, truly terrible, I came out of the phone shop like a men being released from prison when I got rid of it!!!!! I've got a "LOVE MEI" case for the Sony, great case.

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    i too was a bog standard nokia man - however the Mrs got me a Motorola G3 for xmas.

    i really can't praise it enough, it really is waterproof - not just rain waterproof, but drop it down the toilet waterproof - the camera is excellent, and what i've found is that while it does far more than i ever wanted my old phone to do, i now do far more than i did on my old phone!

    like all smartphones, the day of the 2 week battery life is long gone, however it will take - for example - half a dozen texts, a 5 minute phone call, a weather forecast check, half an hours web browsing a day for 4 days on one charge. silly things like turning it off at night will turn 2 days charge into 4 days charge...

    my advice, whatever smartphone you decide to get, would be to get a leather phone case for about 5 on fleabay - it not only protects it from falls and bumps etc.. but stops it dialing people from the comfort of your pocket...

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