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Thread: Genetic Antler Malformation

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    Genetic Antler Malformation

    Has anyone else seen similar characteristics to the following in Fallow around Sussex? A number of the bucks have one fully formed (palmated) antler and one spike on the opposite side. They are not injured so I am thinking its a genetic trait. Some pics to illustrate what I mean.

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    Same deer in all three photos?
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    Take it out of the gene pool....and put it in the freezer.

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    It's not the same deer in all the photos. 2 are of the same animal but only because I took the picture on my phone and that was closest to the house. There were six in total, the 4 you can see in one of the pictures (2 bucks and 2 does). The close to the house and then there was one normal buck:

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    Fallow are good at breaking their antlers, my guess is they have just snapped one side off and will grow both sides again after they cast.

    They are also getting close to casting, in the next couple of months, so that years antlers are done and the reason why they cast and regrow every year as inevitably they may break during fighting and tree thrashing.


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    If you have a safe shot I'd be taking them out as Tim suggests me if you want to use my cold room ...

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    ESussex, just looked at some of your other pictures of the fallow in your garden and see a picture what looks like the same buck in velvet and it does only have the one main beam, so i stand corrected and in this case does seem to be a malformation, and may have a damaged pedicle.

    Nice to have them coming to your garden regular.


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