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Thread: Air Rifle Storage

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    Air Rifle Storage

    Perhaps a bit premature - but.....

    I'm in Scotland and have a few pals who don't have licenses thinking they will be able to park their air rifles in my cabinet while they procrastinate a bit more about getting a license or not. Some of them are members of the bar, and so quite keen not to break the law.

    Now I've no problem with doing so, but have agreed with my FEO that I have current storage for 9 guns. So in theory that's 5 slots free, but the cabinet will be getting busy - and I don't want my nice shiny timber getting scratched.

    I'm presuming that storage rules will be the same for airguns as shotties and firearms in this brave new world?

    (if so, I might just buy a few shares in Brattonsound)
    I never make the same mistake twice.

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    Just to be sure.

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    I haven't heard anything about airguns needing to be stored in the same way as other guns, only the talk about licensing them. This is the BASC page with Q&A on the change;

    And this site does say that theres no legal provision for storing in a safe, but the act does say that the airguns should be inaccessible to minors. In practice this will probably mean locking them in some sort of safe.

    On Air: The Scottish airgun licence | Gun Trade News

    To be honest though, if there are people concerned with not breaking the law then they should probably be getting whatever paperwork they need to in sharpish (knowing that the licensing department is going to get hammered as soon as everyone submits and the backlog will likely be large), and buy a 2/3 gun safe to store it in to meet the requirement to keep them out of reach of minors. At least that way they wont be getting their collars felt!

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    I'd just say "No". I've a friend, an RFD, whose had shot guns parked with him for six years. And if your pals want these things out when you're not in? And back in (your safe) when you're out?

    I can see all bother and effort for you and using up your space in your gun safe. In theory ALL they need is a wood or thick plastic rifle carrying box for 20 and padlock it. No need for s1 or s2 spec gunsafe.

    And that carrying box will then do for transporting the thing. I'd just say no.

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    whether you store them or not does not negate them getting a license!

    otherwise you will have to license all of them!
    If they are still the owner then they will need to get a license

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    Interesting that this has been postponed till after the election. When the SNP passed this legislation last year, the date for implementation was 1st April 2016, a date that they chose when they drafted the legislation and took it through parliament. The date of the Scottish Election was set in stone at the time of the last election so they knew full well that the date was just before the election.

    I would suggest that your friends should carefully about how they vote in the forthcoming elections - I can't see how Police Scotland are going to be able to cope with the administrative nightmare of dealing with this - estimated 500,000 air weapons legally held in Scotland. Could it be that the SNP don't want the poor publicity just ahead of an election - not that I am cynical.

    Maybe a new government would see the stupidity of this piece of legislation and delay and ultimately repeal the enactment date. Mind you any new government will simply be adding this piece of legislation to a long list.
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    I wonder if the air gun licensing will fall short of coming to fruition just before the deadline, as did the new law regarding RFDs keeping electronic records. I am hoping this will happen when the true scale of the job hits home and also the cost to the taxpayer becomes apparent. Perhaps the SNP don't want the waste of money hitting the headlines ahead of any elections.

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    Still a fair bit of uncertaintity about it all yet even thou in theory was meant to start next month. How scary is that.
    Don't think anyone has a clue.

    Would be nice to think it could still collapse but i won't be holding my breath, snp will have a landslide come this election and can do wot ever it wants. Scary times

    They are talking about a fair grace period for non sgc/fac holders, so until all details are out and it becomes clear i'd just store in a locked cupboard if kids in house, if no kids in house under bed or anywhere else is fine as no acces for kids

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    Quote Originally Posted by countrryboy View Post
    snp will have a landslide come this election and can do wot ever it wants. Scary times
    Do you think so?

    I don't personally
    Other than the referendum they have been found wanting on too many big high profile issues, the bridge for one.
    If labour pull their finger out I think they could gain an awful lot of ground...not that I particularly want a labour government but in politics at the moment it is very much which flavour of **** would you like to eat!?

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    It would be great if common sense prevailed and the SNP scrapped the whole thing, it could be easily be justified as; Due to ever falling crime statistics with air guns and lack of funds plus under resourced police we have decided to defer this legislation and save public money.

    It was Kenny MacAskill beating the drum for the air gun licensing in the 1st place and he is off the scene now writing a book about his role in the Lockerbie case and the release of Magrahi (another topic altogether), so perhaps others are less agitated about licensing and it might quietly go away.

    Going back to the OP question I'd say no. Your friends should know better. Until the licensing is enacted there is no need and air guns just need to be stored such that under 18's do not have access as mentioned above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    Do you think so?

    I don't personally
    Other than the referendum they have been found wanting on too many big high profile issues, the bridge for one.
    I wish you were right, bewsher, but I don't think that you are. Too many people don't care about the failures on high profile issues, or pass it off as the rantings of a biased press or blame "Westmonster" and English people generally. I think that they will win an outright majority again, especially when the Unionist vote is split across the other three main parties.
    JockStalk, if you like any of your friends air rifles then offer to buy them at a knockdown price! Otherwise, they should be storing them in a locked area anyway and that will suffice until they know the new rules.

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