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Thread: Anybody used Paul Burke to repair a scope

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    Anybody used Paul Burke to repair a scope

    My 8-32x56mm NS Electopoint has developed an annoying fault, when shooting on a range it goes out of focus which is easily corrected by adjusting the front objective PA. Zero is unaffected so I think the PA mechanism needs attention. I was thinking of sending it to PB and have contacted him. Just wondering if anybody on here has used him and if so what was the level of service like.



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    Cyres, Paul Burke is not only an expert, but a true gentleman to boot! he fixed my scope at a fraction of the normal costs you might have to pay, if you want his contact details PM me

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    I have used Paul Burke's expertise and he is indeed as said below excellent including with his pricing.
    A gentleman and an expert in optical instruments.


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    He is excellent. Sorted out my Pecar variable and returned it as new in 10 days - a craftsman and a gentleman.

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    Yes. But well near a decade ago. Excellent as others have said. Excellent.

    If a 'scope still made I'd go direct to the maker or importer. Simply because they 'upgrade' it to a better 'spec than yours. Such as the latest lense coating or somesuch. Or sort it free of charge.

    But if obsolete then, certainly, Paul Burke, I found him excellent.
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    Thanks for all the info. This am noted that front ring was not tight so did it up will see if this might cure the issue.

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