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    Training to Heel

    Hi all. I could do with some help and direction on heel training for my dog. She is 18 months and has superb retrieval, good steadiness (will sit next to a bowl of dinner or food for ages until told to eat it), I can stop her in the field and make her sit and wait at distance, but she just doesn't like to walk at heel. I could do to go right back to basics and would appreciate any insight, suggested reading or any other resources.


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    Thanks george, very much appreciated.

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    Please can you let me know the secrets as well. Mine is only just coming up to 12 months. Will walk a little bit to heel in town, but as soon in the country she wants to range quite far. Comes back to a whistle. Steadiness - happily sits for a while waiting for here food. I can make her wait for a dummy, but as soon as I have rifle and am stalking and making her sit she starts whimpering with excitement if having to sit for much more than a few seconds. When stalking she is on a lead, although do stop regularly for a bit of a play off lead. She has a good nose and plenty of drive, just needs to be brough back in a wee bit, albeit she is still very much a puppy.

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    I'm haveing the same trouble with my two year old GWP good at most things not perfect but walking at heal is hard work for her ,she just wants to hunt advice welcome .

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    does the dog or dogs like a ball or dummy ect if they do its not too difficult and only requires an ally way or narrow passage to start with .
    do a. couple of retrieves then get the dogs attention with the dummy and stick it under yr left armpit ...the side my dogs walk to heel so the dog looks up to you and the dummy ...this coincides with your eye contact and suitable heel command heel ere what ever but keep the whole thing short and simple and end on a good note add a lead to the equation should the dog not quite get it to start with .had good results with dogs that love balls and dummy for those that don't ...........perhaps someone else can help on here

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    Thanks Norma. She loves the dummy so I'll try that one.

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    Ok that sounds good will give it a try thank you

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    Have dog on lead and hold it in heel position commanding heel ,walk on, if dog goes forward simply turn and walk in opposite direction commanding heel, keep at it .When the dog gets the hang of it tie the lead around his neck and leave go he will think your still in contact, continue until you can do away with the lead, good luck..

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    Loads of different ways to train a dog to heel, most work well depending on dog. if u search on here was 1 fairly recently with a lot of decent advice.

    Its not rocket science but it does take patience, time and consisitancy to make it work, and when ur almost there don't be in a hurry to have it off lead as old problems can very easily come back if ur not careful.

    The most important thing no matter which technique is only say heel/praise/treat when dog is in the 'heel' position and the instant it moves out of position u correct it bring it back and heel/praise/treat.
    See lots of folk let dog pull way of heel and walk for 5 or 10 mins then bollock dog, poor dogs got no idea wot it's getting bollacked for

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