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    Probably not the best of places to ask this but have any of you enlightened gents got any first hand experience of a .20br?

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    see whitebeard (ian ) he's got one

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    see whitebeard (ian ) he's got one
    I shoot a 22BR not a 20, Alycidon on here has a 20BR.
    IMO the only advantage of shooting a 20BR over a 22BR is that bullets of similar weight have a higher BC, making it ballistically superior to the 22BR at moderate ranges.
    This makes it an excellent long range varmint round just like the 22BR but without the added bonus of being able to take small deer with it.


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    I have a semi custom 20BR built 5 years ago by Anglo Custom Rifles. It was a new Sako 75 III action with 22" Border barrel 1:10.5 twist sporter profile in a Macmillan sporter stock. Just use it for vermin and fox.
    Great results with 32 or 40 gn Vmax and 39gn Sierra Blitzking.


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    My main reason for it is just for something different and would probably only use it as a dedicated NV rifle, are there any bad points to the cal? I'm not bothered about barrel life so that wouldn't even enter in to it for me.

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    think wiltshire boy used to run one

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