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Thread: Another newbie.

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    Another newbie.

    Hi all.

    Just a quick hello from a falconer who has recently taken up stalking. The similarities between stalking and walking-up game with a Harris' or gos are striking; leaving aside the differing quarry of course!

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    Hi Parabuteo,
    Sorry mate it seems that we were all at work when you posted. Welcome to the site. As we like to tell everyone, 'No question is a stupid question!' I look forward to reading your posts!

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    Hi Parabuteo,
    welcome aboard, don't be too hard on us, some of us work, and some of us can't rite or tipe
    Come on Gyr where are you, this guy a bird man too!

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    hi parabuteo
    as everyone has said welcome but where are you based as it helps to get a bearing
    and with mark on this were are you gyr you may hav a mate here

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    welcome to the site mate,enjoy

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    Thanks folks, I did wonder if I was only talking to myself! I'm up in not so Sunny Scotland, somewhat north of Glasgow. Got my DSC 1 the other week; I shot my first Roe three months ago and have a total of three so far, so very, very much a beginner! Have been flying and hunting birds for nearly five years, a female Harris' Hawk and a tiercel white Gyr/Saker are my hunting birds, plus a collection of assorted owls just because I love 'em!

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    please don't say you hav an european eagle owl as they are the most lasiest birds i hav seen
    i saw one once run after a rabbit as it was to lazy to fly
    i hav also released barnies into the wild from a clutch of eggs i incubated but sadly to say only one male survived he is about 8 years old now and is resident still in the release area

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    Yep I have a male EEO! He wants to kill the cat and he has a big thing about blackbirds for some obscure reason. Other than that he is a big amiable lump and I doubt he will ever catch anything; tried him at bolted rabbits and he has chased a couple, but is usually distracted by a Buzzard two miles away or an interesting leaf on the nearest tree. A nice bird to fly to the fist, but not one who will ever make a career hunting: that's full imprint owls unfortunately!

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    i am no expert and hav never owned a hunting bird, but on accassions hav been tempted , i think my ideal bird would be a gos as i like there aggresive nature but barnies hav a special place in my heart
    nice to hav you aboard

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