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    Woods cartridge

    The traditional route of heavier round/flat nose bullets at modest velocity or fast and frangible to get the damage done, who prefers what?

    You often hear people getting 444's, 45-70's or 30-30's for the woods but then you have others who prefer light for caliber in something like a 308.

    If you go down to the woods today what do you have in your hands?
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    i always carry a few 100gr round nose with me when i use the no1 in 6mm rem, out to 100yds in woods they work a treat.
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    I guess the question is what do I think works best in the woods meaning average game taking range, not excessive long distance, and maybe the odd twig or leaf in the way that might cause a deflection? Practical shooting. I like my .308 well enough, but I am interested in the slow heavier calibres now too for this situation and without a mod too for quick and nimble shooting with a 'thud' factor. I have had a couple of shots in woods deflect with my .308; it was also on account of the lighting conditions hiding dark coloured branches too. I would be interested to know if something like a .45-70 with a flat or round nose bullet will definitely not deflect so easily.

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    It is often more about the rifle than the cartridge in deciding what to carry into "the woods". The lever actions, like the Marlin, Winchester, and Browning BLR are easy to carry with one hand, and quick handling.

    Next is the quarry, but even if it is something large, a smaller rifle like a 7x57, or .30-30 will do the job because the shot is close and you should be able to place the shot precisely, if your quarry is standing still or moving slowly.

    The biggest difference is "the woods". Sometimes, this means brush, like mountain laurel, or thick small pines or aspens. Another hunter may be in a jungle. It may be the "big woods" with large trees, but with large spacing between them, no limbs below 30 feet, so you may have shots well over 100 yards. Examples in the USA would be cypress swamps with the water down, mature loblolly pines 100+ feet tall, or hardwood forests in the mountains when all the leaves have fallen. And many times, you will be pushing limbs and saplings out of your way, then find yourself on the bank of a stream or meadow, with a diagonal shot across it of more than 150 yards.

    So your "woods rifle" may have to be very versatile, because the most important thing is that you anchor the game and not have it run off where you lose it.

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    308 win with either 130g TTSX at 3000fps home loads or Norma 150 BT if I am compelled to use factory ammunition.

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    How about some agent orange then any caliber of your choice. SBM

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    I would have thought that the old 303 with 215 grain Round Nosed bullets would be ideal in England at least.

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    8x57 196gr without mod for closer stuff.... 308 150gr for longer ranges with mod
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