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    from bolton mainly stalk deer i am also a approved witness for dmq level 2

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    Welcome to the forum JB. It sounds like your input could be a valuable asset to the forum. It's actually one of the better ones in my opinion for members who know their stuff. There are a lot of blokes on here who have forgotten more than I'll ever learn!

    Nice calibre choice too by the way, I have the rimmed version and it seems to be a nice well balanced cartridge.

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    Hi jb7,

    Welcome aboard, sounds like you've got a wealth of experience of under your belt, not to mention a rather 'exotic' (by our standards ) calibre going by your username?

    all the best,


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    sako trgs with a fluted border barrel in 7x57 with rws 123 grn is my usual large deer gun in a mc millan two tone stock
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    Exotic calibre? What about the rifle! It sounds like a cracking piece of kit.

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    Hi JB

    I've sent you a PM.


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