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Thread: Acetate sheets

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    Acetate sheets

    Does anyone know what type of acetate I need to use as a filter on my nv spotter? I have looked on ebay but there are different thicknesses etc. I am going to get a few different colours to see which is the best for me.

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    Don't know about "type" but I was given a sheet of yellow from mealijimmy. ( Bruce) & works very well


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    Thanks Paul, how thick would you say it is? Like a mobile phone screen protector or a quality streets wrapper?

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    Does your NV scope not have standard threads to accept SLR camera filters? Many scopes and spotting scopes do.

    Also, Burris, Leupold and Zeiss offer an assortment of lense filters and anti-glare screens, which the militaries use.

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    Acetate sheets

    My screened nv add on is home made .
    So measured the screen , cut to size and it fits in and just takes a hold on the screen frame almost "pops" in and held no bother

    The stuff is on sheets and certainly thicker more substantial than quality street wrapper .
    Mobile screen job sounds bout right


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    You may want to investigate stage lighting companies who use a wide range of colours, at high temps.
    You can also pick the range in the spectrum for the colour sheets - ie more UV/IR or whatever your need - a sheet will last forever!


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    yup - use lighting acetate - designed for colouring lights in theatres etc. - get the right colour ranges then too. Any coloured acetate should be fine though - you could always double layer if you're worried about brightness - although more likely for them to take out too much light than the other way round......
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    Thanks guys, yes my NV scope has filters but this is for my hand held screen spotter, I will look for lighting acetate.

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