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Thread: vz24 30.06

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    vz24 30.06

    Hi, has anyone any knowledge of the vz24?
    I am looking at one in 30.06 after passing up a steyr scout.
    the thing is this one has me stumped on a minor detail. from what I can gather they stopped being built some time after WWII. yet the one I am looking at is stamped 01. both on the barrel and receiver.
    this might be a bit of a long shot, but if anyone could help me out I would appreciate it.


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    They are excellent Mausers. I have an original VZ24 in 8x57, and a Yugo M24/47. Both really shoot well.

    The VZ24 is a very desirable action. I have known several gunsmiths over the years who built some really fine custom hunting rifles off the VZ24. I almost bought one two years ago that looks a lot like the .30-06 you are considering, but it was in 7x57.

    To be safe, you should headspace it, get a gunsmith to run some headspace gauges in it and inspect it, but I would say that this is a very professional build, so I would expect it to be A-OK. Can you find its history, who built it and when, who has owned it?

    The trigger may have already been upgraded to a commercial one, which is easy and cheap to do, but the military two stage is fine.

    It has nice sights, and seems to be drilled and tapped for some standard American footprint bases. See if you can try some at a gun shop to verify that. Something low, like Warne or Talley, would permit you to use the iron sights, and have a scope to pop on and off in QR rings. You may have to change the safety to a Buehler or Paul Jaeger style or mount a small belled scope up a bit high, because the Mauser 3-position flag safety won't clear.

    Can you shoot it at a range before buying? You have to hold the forend firmly and rest your arm or hand on the bag. If you try to just rest the wood on a bag you will have a hard time getting decent groups.
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    I am trying to find out as much as I can about it. And will fully inspect it when I go to see it this week.
    I know they were used in the spanish civil war next door
    I am still stumped by the 01 stamp, my guess is it was rebarrelled in 01 and then everything re stamped. but I dont think that is normal. I see no evidence of any previous stamps being filed away but it may have been done very professionally and re blued.
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    I don't know how the proofing marks work in the UK, but this VZ24 was originally probably an 8x57IS (or 7x57 or 7.65 Argentine), so anything else is a new barrel, whether done in 1951 or 2001. Mauser set up the factory, and it is a K98 except in minor detail. Lots of parts for it. Made 1924 until 1942.
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    What you have is a Brno 98, built on an original military cz vz24 action. I nearly bought a new one in Ireland in the late 90's in 6.5x55 and I remember seeing them in the cz shop in Prague in 1999. Nice rifle!

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    The 01 stands for the Czech proof from 2001.

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    As Glen of Imaal says , they're nice rifles . The VZ-24 is , arguably , one of the best military 98 variants ever built . My late fathers last hunting rifle was a sporterized Brno VZ in it's original 8X57 , he loved it . I gave it to a good friend of mine after he passed , it has become his main hunting rifle , the old man would be happy .
    One in 30/06 would make a great all round hunting rig , but as others have suggested , get it checked out if you have any doubts . I may get flamed for saying this , but if it's in good shape , I would take this rifle over the Steyr you were looking at earlier , without hesitation . Good luck .


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    Quote Originally Posted by Glen of Imaal View Post
    The 01 stands for the Czech proof from 2001.
    Yup , and that appears to be a Czech lion stamp right next to it . If it was here , it would be going home with me , a very slick little rig .

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    Quote Originally Posted by alberta boy View Post
    I may get flamed for saying this , but if it's in good shape , I would take this rifle over the Steyr you were looking at earlier , without hesitation . Good luck .
    I agree. Back in my 20s, I had a Mannlicher MCA carbine with set triggers in .30-06. It was very handy in the woods and up in the Rockies. I now have a Model M Stutzen in .270 Win, and like the .30-06, it does not give up much power to its big brother rifle. I would be taking this thing right home. If it is a Brno 98, a factory conversion, then I would just take a peek at the bore and take a chance, if the price is right.

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    Nice actions (I've one here awaiting a bulid) looks well bulit and if it's all still in good nick will be a lovely rifle.

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